Monday, January 25, 2010

Anti-Gun? You Betcha

Buckeye Firearms:
And so, while it took quite a bit of wrangling, Ohio GOP chairman Kevin DeWine has finally succeeded in clearing the primary field for his anti-gun cousin's bid to become the next attorney general, while also setting up a primary race for auditor that will ensure at least one pro-gun Republican will not make it through the primary process.

The move also sets up a statewide race where a pro-gun Democrat, Attorney General Richard Cordray, will face an anti-gun Republican, former Senator Mike DeWine, in a statewide race this November.
In 2006, pro-gun Democrats were chosen by voters in all but one statewide office - the seat pro-gun Republican Mary Taylor recently forfeited when she decided to accept gubernatorial candidate John Kasich's invitation to become his running mate.
One of the many reasons why we support Re-Election of Mike DeWine for Retirement.


We are excited to open up this new blog in support of a very worthy candidate: Mike DeWine. We think Mike DeWine ought to be re-elected...for Retirement.